Guy Cosway I — Sr. Electrical Designer

Guy Cosway I joined Puyallup, Washington’s Parametrix, Inc., in 2003 as an electrical Designer and manages industrial control system design and control systems integration and development in his position as senior electrical designer. He has played an integral role in the overall development of the company’s electrical engineering group over the course of nearly two decades. In 2008, while still with Parametrix, Guy Cosway I expanded his professional activities by becoming the owner of the industrial automation systems integrator, Automation Northwest.

He manages a select client base at Automation Northwest, helping them with automation needs from industrial control system upgrades to new system installations. Mr. Cosway focuses his work on the metal fabrication, rendering and proteins, and food industries.

Between 1974 and 1975, Guy Cosway I studied technical math at San Diego City College. During his time at Maui Community College, he learned both gas and electric welding techniques suitable for a variety of metals. In his free time, Mr. Cosway enjoys a variety of hobbies, ranging from amateur radio to radio controlled helicopter models.



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